Calling cards, perfect for meeting new friends

We’ve lost something.

Our ditital world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… These can all be very good tools for staying in touch with loved ones, friends and aquaintances however the fact is, they are intangible. When meeting people for the first time the need often arises to exchange information in order to stay in touch. Typically this moment has everyone scrambling for phones, reciting phone numbers, clarifying spellings of cryptic user names necessitated by the fact that all of the “normal” user names have been claimed long ago. And, at least some percentage of the time, getting it wrong and losing that contact forever.

Once upon a time, most people carried calling cards. They are carried in the manner of a business card but are used primarily for the purpose of social interractions and making new friends. If well done, it can be a tiny showcase of creativity or a revelation about yourself that makes a completely unique statement. It is like a small gift, a souvenir commemorating the moment and confirming the realness of the connection just made and the intent to follow through. I still have every single calling card that was ever given to me and I clearly recall meeting every single person who ever gave me one.

We have handed out our calling cards at a couple of recent events and those who receive them are both surprised and enthused by the receipt of the small card. They genuinely reacted as if we gave them a gift. Because our design reveals both our love of outdoor places along with our love of rock climbing, inevitably additonal conversation occurs.

In the digital age, presenting your calling card will create a tangible, unique and memorable moment.