Along the Great Divide (on dirt bikes)

In July, Laila received her motorcycle license and decided to get a lightweight dual sport bike as her first motorcycle.  Since my bike is a much larger dual sport bike, we also decided that it would be better if we had two bikes that were more evenly matched.  The hunt was on.

We did our research and decided on a Honda CRF250L for Laila and a Yamaha WR250R for me.  The bikes are very similar in design and are a great match for traveling together in terms of their capabilities, range, etc…

We ended up borrowing a trailer from our friend Scott and heading down to Tulsa to get our bikes.  It was a happy accident that we found both bikes in the same town in Oklahoma.

Now it’s time to get busy preparing them for our trip.

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yam rack changing tire skidplate exausthonda rack

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