Cleaning #1

It was a beautiful early spring weekend. The sun was bright and the birds were loud. John decided to get rid of several items that were cluttering our garage. Both of us have a severe case of attachment to things and we are constantly battling this addiction. 


Early Saturday morning John posted on Craigslist. He was giving away a shop vacuum, two closet doors that did not fit, a kitchen organizer set, two oil heaters and three wooden military crates. As soon as I saw the crates I pointed out that these could have some creative repurposing options. So, the ammunition crates were listed for sale not free, and went away to a good home to become a coffee table.


The shop vacuum was rehomed at 6am, a mere few min after posting. There were several people interested in the doors as well. The very first respondent backed out saying that his son just wrecked his truck… umm… unfortunate coincidence? The second person came in a little sedan. He was unfazed by the size of the doors, loaded them to the back of the car and drove away. I hope he did not lose them somewhere. 


John communicated for a while with a lady interested in the kitchen organizer set. She backed out, but the next person in line not only took them but he also brought a lamp for a trade. We do not really need more things but I thought it was nice that there are people that feel uncomfortable taking free stuff.


Our heaters finally got a hit late at night. A person said that his house is cold and he is coming to get them. He never made it. Perhaps on his way he found other hot opportunities.


The lesson we learned is that giving away things on Craigslist could be fun. You get to talk with people and feel good helping them out. It is also time consuming. It would be faster to trash the doors, donate the heaters, vacuum and the kitchen organizer, however it would not immerse us into Craigslist culture even if only for a weekend.


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